Poltra is a brand with high standart reputation among Polish and foreign companies. This implies responsibility - to become better and ready for new challenges. Our mission refers to this. We want to provide modern solutions for companies in tool industry and develop lasting relationships with clients. We ensure that cooperation with us is based on values that are important to us and our customers. We can achieve all this through the use of over twenty five years of experience, continuous improvement of competence, cooperation with proven suppliers and openness to the needs of our customers.


Company establishment

Poltra Sp. z o.o. was founded in 1991. Starting its activity during the period of political changes as one of the first private companies in Poland. Poltra began supplying tools for the machine industry - mainly grinding wheels from Carborundum Electrite (now Tyrolit).


Implementation of the Quality Management System ISO 9001: 2000

The quality of services rendered has been documented by the implementation of the ISO9001:2000 quality management certificate in 2003.


Signing an exclusive agreement with KORLOY

The experience gained during cooperation with the Czech partner and recognition of customer needs resulted in cooperation with the Korean tool industry leader Korloy. In 2003, Poltra Sp. z o.o. has signed a contract with Korloy Inc. on the exclusive distribution of cutting tools on the Polish market.


Creating a sales network throughout Poland

From the moment the contract was signed with Kolory Inc. the rapid development and setting a new direction for the company's development - building its position as a partner for the machine industry. Since 2003, the company Poltra Sp. z o.o. becomes a nationwide company. This strategy based on close and long-term cooperation with the client, includes the optimal selection of technology, delivery of cutting tools taking into account economic conditions while maintaining high quality of the offer.


The exclusive distributor of FEELER

The consequence of Poltra's strategy in 2010 was cooperation with the FFG (Feeler) group, a globally recognized producer of CNC machining centers, quickly becoming its distributor in Poland.


Construction of a CNC machine training center

In 2010, the construction of a training center for CNC machine tools began for the needs of organizing training in new tool solutions, conducting tests / tests on tools, and implementing technology for clients. The training center also serves training for future numerically controlled machine operators.


Launch of a grinding center for the production of special tools

2011 is the year of the creation of a grinding center for the regeneration and production of carbide tools, both standard and special tools. The creation of a tool production center enables our clients to optimize production processes using modern solutions in the field of VHM monolithic tools.


Obtaining a Military License

Poltra Sp. z o.o. thinking forward and wanting to reach special branches of our industry in 2012 obtained a military license.


Establishing cooperation with LANG - detail clamping systems

In order to meet the expectations and needs of the market, in 2013 the Poltra company cooperates with the German manufacturer of precise parts clampings, the company LANG, where it also becomes the general representative in Poland. Establishing this cooperation allows Poltra to optimize machining processes not only in the field of tools but also in the field of clamping, which today is a significant influence in the field of optimization of technological processes.


Construction of a CNC machining shop

Our many years of experience in solving various clients' problems in the field of machining and our extensive tool knowledge have enabled us to launch machining production services in 2014. Machining is carried out based on the modern machinery park of the FFG group.


Construction of the new company headquarters begins

The year 2016 is the year of commencing the construction of the new Poltra headquarters with a warehouse area of 800m², a production area of 2000m².


Opening of the new company headquarters

In January 2018, Poltra continues its commercial, consulting and production activities at its new headquarters at 42 Władysława Grabskiego Street in Stalowa Wola.

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